Electrical recommendations


The average lifetime of a battery is 2-3 years. We recommend that you do not leave a used battery inside the watch, as its degradation will impair the movement of the watch. To avoid a battery loosing its charge, avoid contact with fingers or any metal instrument.


Product disposal

According to the EU directive 2002/96/EC, waste of electrical and electronic equipment needs to be recycled. All old products can therefore be returned to the point of sales for collection. The collection of electrical and electronic equipment is indicated by the following symbol:


EU directive 2002/96/EC



In order to prevent and reduce the risk of nickel allergies, that can be released by the stainless steel used in the manufacture of Aerowatch watch, some precautions can be taken.

Wipe the case of the watch regularly. This can be done with a clean, dry cloth or if necessary with a slightly dampened cloth. Especially after heavy perspiration, the watch should be removed and cleaned. The length of direct contact with the skin should be decreased by removing the watch at night.