Water resistance

Your quartz watch has electronic parts. The most important reason of non-functioning of the watch is the effect of water or humidity! Therefore we advise to regularly have a look at your watch, whether to see if all parts necessary to keep the water out are still in good working condition: crown, pushers, and crystal. When damage or defects in one of these parts is detected, avoid all contact with water.

You will find the degree of water resistance engraved in the case back and on the price tag of each Aerowatch watch. This degree does not mean literally that you can submerge your watch up to this depth. It indicates a standard fabrication norm, that guarantees that your watch has been tested to withstand an atmospheric pressure, proving that all elements and gaskets are well in place and efficient. The water resistance will last in time, depending on the use of the watch.

If any part, necessary to keep water and humidity out of your watch is deficient, missing or broken (the crystal, its gasket, the crown, the pushers, the O-ring of the crown/pushers and the packing of the case back) the mechanism of your watch might be affected, disturbed or blocked. Every time your watch is opened for repair or for replacement of the battery, the water resistance must be checked and this test must be notified in the guarantee booklet. If this is not done, there is no more guarantee for the water resistance after repair.

Since the flexibility of the gaskets is affected by difference in temperature and altered by dust, chemical products, perspiration and salt water, we advise a water resistance test every year, best before the bathing season.

Never use the pushers of a chronograph while being under water!


The water resistance degrees, corresponding to the case back engraving:

  • SHOWERPROOF: does not guarantee any water resistance. All contact with water must be avoided.
  • WATER RESISTANT 3 ATM: the watch resists to accidental contact with water and normal perspiration. It means no immersion in water, neither for swimming nor aquatic sports.
  • WATER RESISTANT 5 ATM: this watch resists immersion. Swimming is allowed, but no diving. An annual control of the sealing gaskets is necessary.
  • WATER RESISTANT 10 ATM: the watch is suited for all aquatic sports, except diving. An annual control of the sealing gaskets is necessary.
  • WATER RESISTANT 20 ATM: the screwed crown, the thickness of the crystal and packings have been especially designed to withstand pressure of 20 ATM. Make sure that the crown is entirely screwed, before you go into the water. An annual control of the sealing gaskets is necessary.