Swiss Made label

All of our time keepers proudly bear the "Swiss Made" label. Recognized all around the world, this protected appellation is more than a simple indication of origin. Indeed, only watches that tidily respect the following features written by the Swiss legislation are allowed to bear this prestigious label on their dial.

The "Swiss Made" label is based on a concept according to which Swiss quality depends on the amount of work actually carried out on a watch in Switzerland, even if some foreign components are used in it. It therefore requires that the assembly work on the movement (the motor of the watch) and on the watch itself (fitting the movement with the dial, hands and the various parts of the case) should be carried out in Switzerland, along with the final testing of the movement. It also requires that at least 50% of the components of the movement should be manufactured in Switzerland.

These standards guarantee an exceptional level of quality, loyal to the Swiss watchmaking spirit.


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